• Women For Women France

Liberating the voices of all women

Women for Women France (WFWF) united with leading voices at an interprofessional conference focused on eradicating violence against foreign-born women on Monday, 1 December 2019.

The panel included experts Edwige Dondra (Femmes en Danger), Ouarda Sadoudi (Féminisme Populaire), Aïcha Mounir (Femmes Phoenix), Awa BA (EFAPO), and Hélène Nzingazo (Femmes en Danger Centrafrique).

A range of issues were explored such as sexual assault, forced mariage, polygamy, and domestic violence against foreign-born people in France. CEO Sarah McGrath presented the research carried out by WFWF, and the NGO’s national program developed in consultation with survivors, community groups, and experts. WFWF’s first project will be an online multi-language resource centre for foreign-born people facing domestic violence. McGrath said the information will be available in foreign languages, including French. She stressed the importance of explaining the complex system in France in a way people who did not grow up in France could understand. “I know we are always told that we immigrants have the same rights in France... but the truth is: we do not. We do not have the same rights, it depends on our immigration status,” McGrath added. The conversation was moderated by Monia Maganda, Local Councillor, City of Clichy-sous-Bois and Director General of Cité Tech.