• Women For Women France

Fifth Interprofessional Forum of the Parisian Task Force of Violence Against Women

Women for Women France joined over 300 experts for the Fifth Interprofessional Forum of the Parisian Task Force of Violence Against Women, which this year focussed on Access to rights, and violence against foreign-born women.

Women for Women France CEO, Sarah McGrath, participated in a panel alongside Violaine Husson, the National Director of Action for Women and Migrants at La Cimade, Sandrine Bello, a lawyer at the Paris Women's and Family Rights Information Center, Marcia Burnier, a social worker at COMEDE, and Claudie Lesselier, a historian at the Network for the autonomy of immigrant and refugee women.

The panel shared their views on the impact of administrative laws, including those regarding residency rights, on foreign-born women who have been subjected to violence in France. The panelists also identified barriers to accessing information on rights, including protection orders, and obstacles to asserting those rights. Further inequities, such as challenges to accessing trauma treatment and healthcare, were discussed. While progress has been made in combatting violence against women in recent years in France, a number of panelists, including Sarah McGrath of Women for Women France, observed that foreign-born women had been overlooked. Some panel members spoke of a degradation of the rights of foreign-born women who are confronted with violence, through judgements regarding immigration status by administrative courts that have set what some panel members classified as dangerous and life-threatening precedents.