Covid-19 emergency victim outreach campaign

As an English speaker, when I saw the video of Jane Birkin telling me that I was not alone and that someone could help me, I burst into tears and realised it was time for me to ask for help.
- Anonymous 

In response to the increase in domestic violence during the Covid-19 lockdown, and to the urgent measures implemented by the French government, Women for Women France launched a multi-language campaign aimed at foreign-born people in France. 

​The campaign aimed to provide non-French speaking people facing domestic violence with essential information on how to seek help, and to assure them that they were not forgotten or alone.

The campaign was delivered in 27 languages:

  • written content in 16 languages

  • 22 videos featuring bilingual French celebrities.


WFWF worked closely with government services, trauma specialists and psychologists, translators, community groups, and first-contact victim support organisations to ensure that the campaign contained appropriate and reliable content.

Using a highly targeted approach, the campaign was supported by associations, embassies and consulates, foreign-language media, and online community groups in France, to help the message reach their intended audience.


We thank the French public institutions and media that participated in spreading the message:


Women For Women France thanks the French celebrities who participated in the campaign:  

Victoria Abril, Nikos Aliagas, Ariane Ascaride, Jane Birkin, Nader Boussandel, Rachida Brakni, Éric Cantona, Clara Choï, Hocine Choutri, Anggun Cipta Sasmi, Linh-Lan Dao, Dave, Imane El Keurti, Rona Hartner, Alexis Manenti, Inna Modja, Bruno Sanches, Ayşegül Savas, Pallavi Sharda, Salimata Sylla, Nadia Tereszkiewicz et Xin Wang.

Project Coordinator: Mélanie Roche

Translations and subtitles: 

Arabic (Algerian and Tunisian): Hayat Bearat, Myriam Landoulsi and Ebtihal Ziyadah

Bambara: Nana Camara

Catalan: Veronica Manzanares

Chinese (Mandarin): Xuan Luom, Emilia Wang and Minhui Xue

French: Mélanie Roche

GermanMichaela Schoen

Greek: Galinie Pietri

Hindi: Rekha Lecomte

Hungarian: Zora Lakhal Fabian

Indonesian: Anggun Cipta Sasmi

Italian: Patrizia Cecala and Francesca Caracci

Japanese: Clara Choï

Polish: Suzanne Azadeh and Patrycja Maslowka

Portuguese: Rosana De Araujo Correia and Debora Trinidade

Romanian: Gabriela Kouahla and Alexandra Jaraba

Serbian: Jelena Vujosevic

Soninke: Salimata Sylla

Spanish: Raquel Calvo Artal, Georges Latchimy, Veronica Manzanares and Carmen Mera

Tamil: Rekha Lecomte, Sharvnee Raja Mohan and Kokila Mohan

Turkish: Aylin Kabinkara and Zehra Ceylan

Vietnamese: Nga Nguyen