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Women for Women France is an NGO based in France.

It is thanks to your generosity and the support of our sponsors that we are able to finance our projects.

Whether you are an individual or a business, your donations to Women for Women France are deductible, in accordance with the provisions of articles 200 and 238bis of the French General Tax Code.


Partners: a network of experts

Our program is based on a holistic approach aimed at supporting and empowering foreign-born people facing domestic violence in France. 

We conduct research to understand the unique complexities of the obstacles they may face, as well as the intersectional factors that may impact their pathways from domestic violence to safety and independence.

To do this, we are continuously developing partnerships and collaborations with organisations, experts and institutions specialising in victim rights, family law, migrant and immigrant rights, as well as in social inclusion and economic empowerment.

Our partners

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If your organisation works in France in the field of domestic violence, or that of assistance to migrants and immigrants and social and economic inclusion, and you identify potential synergies between your activities and our projects, do not hesitate to contact us.



The Women for Women France’s head office in Paris. However, we are also an international network of volunteers working in virtual teams. Join us!


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